About Sadhana

SADHANA, Sindhanur is a Non-Governmental, Voluntary organisation registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, in the Office of District Registrar of Societies, Raichur vide No. SOR /78/95 dated 29-7-1995. The main objective behind establishment of SADHANA is to offer equal opportunities to the disadvantaged sectors of the society in Raichur district. Raichur is one of the most backward and drought prone district in Karnataka state, where formation of Non- Governmental organisations is essentially required. Mr. Sharanappa Barsi, Secretary, of the organisation has been working with students and Non-student youths of the district of various issues like leadership, literacy and development activities, has gathered a team of young people who had a vision of equal society and as a result, SADHANA was established.

Mr. Sharanappa Barsi is basically a practicing Advocate gave up his practice for the benefit of the society and welfare and associated with the organisation for full time. Ever since its inception SADHANA is trying to generate resources from various sources to initiate the activities which would provide equal opportunities to the targeted population. SADHANA is also registered under FCRA Act 1976 by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Union Govt. of India, vide No. 094610023 on 26-3-2001. To improve its functional ability SADHANA has also enrolled its membership with various resource agencies and Net workings and details are as under.1) Ekatha NGO Net work, Raichur 2) Fevoard-K-Bangalore 3) V.H.A.K. Bangalore 4) Mic-Net-K Bangalore 5) C.B.R Network, Bangalore 6) UNESCO, Bangalore 7) INHAF-FORUM Bangalore 8) Campaign Against Child Labour, Bangalore 9) Regional Resource Centre- Bangalore 10) Jana Aranya Vedike, Bangalore. 11) AVORD Net work- Bangalore

SADHANA is also implementing various programmes like Education to Child Labour Literacy Centre, Formation of SHG’s, Trainings, Thrift and Credit Programmes, Income Generation Programmes and other need based awareness generation activities to raise the level standard of living of the targeted families. The activities, which would improve the living condition, should be agri-based since, the people of Raichur district solely depend on agriculture. The rainfall is normally low in dry areas of the district. Though, Sindhanur Taluk is being provided with irrigation facilities by Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal, which will cover a total of 40% of landholdings, landless labourers still consists a huge number. SADHANA also working with elder peoples to improve their socio-economic and health condition through self-help groups formations. The productive and dedicated activities of SADHANA, Sindhanur were also identified and appreciated by Shadaksharappa & Tara Charities, U.S.A and they awarded the organisation with the cash prize of Rs. 40,000/- in the year 2002. At the same time SADHANA has received an appreciation letter from “World Micro Credit Summit Award” from U.S.A. in the year 2002.

How SADHANA works

SADHANA prides itself on enabling low cost, low budget development activities to take place in the heart of rural communities of Karnataka. SADHANA works as much as possible with project community members and runs all its projects with very minimal administration costs. All projects are conducted hand in hand with the local communities as well as the District Administration. This means the impacts are really felt in the rural communities that SADHANA supports. Schools and Communities make a contribution to every project that takes place such as sand, hardcore boulders and labour depending on the requirements of the project. Schools and communities also form committees for every project to encourage participation, community ownership and effective, local management.

Where SADHANA works

In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Raichur with a Human Development Index of 0.54, one of the country's 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640). It is one of the five districts in Karnataka currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). Nature has not been lavish with resources, and Raichur faces poverty, unemployment, and lack of health services. Raichur district is served by rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra on its north and south boundaries, and hosts the only active gold mine in India – Hutti gold mines. Along the banks of the rivers, bountiful rice fields are gradually transforming Raichur into the rice bowl of Karnataka. But major disparities are evident. They have not received the benefits of canals carrying river water, and people still rely on ground water for their domestic and irrigation needs. The region’s longitudinal average rainfall is about 600 mm annually; further compounded by variability that disrupts farm planning, incomes and health. For instance, in 2009 the region received 1245 mm, whilst in 2012 it received just 411 mm. The predominantly black cotton soil in the region effectively prevents rain water percolation from recharging ground water sources. These are further depleting through continuous pumping of groundwater for agricultural uses. The water table is lowering, increasing salinity of soil and leaching out arsenic. Semi-arid conditions of the district combined with poor natural resource management has led to a situation of widespread poverty and chronic food insecurity. This has seriously compromised health of the communities, making women and children highly vulnerable reflected in high Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rates (MMR). Exacerbating the problems are the poor literacy rates that underscores the urgency to undertake steps to enhance the quality of life of the people with emphasis on meeting basic health care needs.

Sadhana’s Governing Body

Sl.no Name and address Occupation Designation Photo
1 Ms. Margareeta Maheboob Colony Sindhanur 584128 , Raichur Dist, Karnataka Social Worker President
2 Mr. Mallikarjuna s/o Hampayya PWD Camp sindhanur 584128 district Raichur Business Vice President
3 Mr.Sharanappa Barsi s/o Basappa Vasavi nagar PWD camp sindhanur 584128 District Raichur Advocate Secretary
4 Mr. Nagabhushan s/o Basappa Anang Hegade Farm, near sindhanur 584128 District Raichur Farmer Joint Secretary
5 Mr. Rajashekar S/o Hampanna Laxmi camp Sindhanur 584128 district Raichur Social Worker Organization Secretary
6 Mrs. Sharada w/o Sharanappa Vasavi nagar PWD camp Sindhanur 584128 District Raichur Social Worker Member
7 Mrs.Yamunamma w/o Kalakappa Karatagi Social Worker Member

Sadhana’s Advisory Committee

Sl.no Name and address Occupation Designation Photo
1 Mr. B. Siddarthan, #9, Jayalakshmi Nagar, 5th Cross, Nandhivaram, Guduvancheri, Chennai-603202 bhaskarsiddarth1954@gmail.com
Management Consultant MBA, MWS, MA, PGDJMC, DIR, CFN
2 Mr. Sharanu Pa. Hiremath, Chief Editor Vaibhav TV Channel, Sindhanur, Kushtagi Road, Sindhanur – 584128 Dist: Raichur thevigil_patna@yahoo.com
Chief Editor Vaibhav TV Channel, Sindhanur MA, B.Ed, Dip in Journalism
3 Mr. VEERESH GONAWAR Asst Teacher, GOVT. HIGH SCHOOL KALAMANGI and Former Hon'ble Secretary, Kannada Sahithya Parishat SINDHANUR-584128,Riachur (Dt.), veeresh.gnr@gmail.com
Education Consultant MA, B.Ed
4 Mrs. Pavithra Kiran Babu, #135, 11th Cross, Muneshwara Layout, Attur, Yelhanka, Newtown, Bangalore – 560064 pavikiran27@gmail.com
Social Worker B.Sc

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